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[ May 11th 2007 ]

GameTap has released a teaser trailer for an upcoming documentary on the phenomenon that is Lara Croft. To be broadcast on May 17, Tomb Raider - A GameTap Retrospective looks back on ten years of Lara Croft and her influence on popular culture.

"She started out as an idea. Within a decade, she became an icon. The world she explored would change the face of video-games and the attitudes of those who played with her. Her spirit was one even her creators couldn't kill (LMAO Ed.)

"This is the exclusive story of how one woman's journey motivated millions to follow. GameTap presents the untold chronicle of those who made her, controlled her and even became her.. all in the name of Tomb Raider. "

Tomb Raider - A GameTap Retrospective Trailer

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