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[ May 9th 2007 ]

Secret Stash Games, a sub-brand of Eidos, Inc., one of the world’s leading publishers and developers of entertainment software, today announced that it will publish Glory Days 2, the new intense strategy action game exclusively for the Nintendo DS(TM). This high-flying action title hits store shelves in North America this summer 2007.

Glory Days 2 allows players to soar through the sky as an ace fighter pilot and dive-bomb into battle. Part strategy fused with action shooter appeal, Glory Days 2 plunges the player into air warfare where skills in managing wartime tactics like deploying units, rescuing civilians, and capturing enemy bunkers, lead to epic war stories and unforgettable battles.

“Glory Days 2 presents a unique blend of strategy and action,” said Director of Marketing, Matt Gorman, Eidos, Inc. “The result is a faster and more intelligent gameplay experience unlike anything that is currently out on the Nintendo DS.”

Featuring customizable battles with three different gameplay types and eight different environments, Glory Days 2 allows players to stage their very own war with custom maps created using terrain and units unlocked from playing through the campaign mode. Glory Days 2 also features an extensive multiplayer mode which supports up to 8 players simultaneously, allowing groups of friends to engage in all out strategic warfare.

“We are very excited to bring Glory Days 2 to the North American market,” said Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Robert Lindsey, Eidos, Inc. “The gameplay is instinctive and fun, and when coupled with a robust multiplayer mode, Glory Days 2 makes one of the best choices for a Nintendo DS game.”

Glory Days 2 is developed by ODENIS Studios, and will be available thissummer 2007.

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