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[ April 27th 2007 ]

Lara Croft - video-game extraordinaire, rampant archaeologist and fiery globe-trotter - has been immortalised on social networking site MySpace with her very own official page. Eidos revealed the official Lara Croft MySpace page this afternoon with a promise of exclusive competitions and other goodness.

Lara Croft will next be seen in Tomb Raider Anniversary, a special celebratory video-game to commemorate ten years of Tomb Raider. The game is being developed by Crystal Dynamics and will be based on the original incarnation from former caretaker Core Design.

Tomb Raider Anniversary will be released on Sony PSP, Sony Playstation 2 and Windows PC in Spring 2007. Follow the below-referenced fetching orange hyperlink to visit Lara Croft on MySpace.

Lara Croft on

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