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[ April 6th 2001 ]

Westlake Interactive have once again hinted that their porting of Eidos Interactives Tomb Raider Chronicles will include the hyped level editor, Apple News reports today. Much has been speculated concercing the inclusion of Core Design's level editor for MAC users, and last week Westlake confirmed that even if the full level editor did not ultimately ship with Chronicles, custom level support would be included.

Tomb Raider Chronicles for the MAC has currently been labelled Beta Status, upgraded from first playable and seamlessly engaging much of Laras environments, although some audio special effects are still not fully functional. The latest revelation from Westlake President Mark Adams follows a recent announcement by Creative Media that their EAX, four point, 3D positional surround sound audio environment will be developed for use within Tomb Raider Chronicles, utilising the recent shipment of industry leading PCI SoundBlaster LIVE boards for Apple Personal Computers.

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