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[ April 15th 2007 ]

In the almost ten years we have been running our web site, we've had the good fortune of meeting some wonderful folk from all quarters, some in their official capacity as employees of Eidos, and many right here on our own forum and magazine. For the most part, our experiences have been both fruitful and positive.

However, we have noticed of late a select few webmasters who frequent our web site and forum and steal both our hard work and that of our members without any acknowledgment of the time and effort that has been invested into producing material for our community. In some cases, some site owners have even claimed our work as their own.

Most notably of late, several of our stand-alone Lara Croft animations that were produced by members of our forum, our Discography (music) section on Lara Croft TV (launched in December 2006) and our own propriety competition ideas have all been copied and/or used without permission and/or - more importantly - without acknowledgement. Exclusive content produced by us for Sony PSP owners has also been ripped off.

We work especially hard bringing our readers the level of service they have come to expect from us, and while we will not promote the dubious activities of a small number of site owners by naming and shaming them right here (perhaps one day we will publish their humorous emails of "honest mistakes" for your entertainment if this continues), we would like to send a message to the community that this kind of behaviour is not acceptable.

Fortunately, the majority of our community both appreciates and recognises honest hard work and like us have been dismayed by the actions of a select few who choose to conduct their nefarious activities in a dishonest and poor fashion. As a result, some of these web sites have been banned from broadcasting their activities on our forum and we have refused to offer them any further support.

While we don't intend on addressing this issue again in the future, may this message serve as notice that our community - along with our team right here on our magazine - are watching the actions of those select few in the hope that some day they will conduct their business with honour, integrity and honesty.

In the meantime, while they may continue to rip off our ideas and content and make fraudulent claims against others, they will not stifle our passion or commitment to the franchise. We are perfectly happy to lead by example, as we have often done so in the past.

Our magazine broadcasts to more than 50,000 readers every single day and is chosen among others for its integrity, passion and honesty. We look forward to continuing this level of commitment in the future.

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