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[ April 11th 2007 ]

Michael Plichta, an independent musician specialising in electronic and experimental compositions, recently got in touch to showcase a small collection of music inspired by the Tomb Raider series, and we're delighted to be able to deliver his music to fans of Lara Croft via our new Soundtrack microsite.

According to Michael: "I am an independent musician… I compose, arrange, perform and record original electronic music. I use a Korg Triton Music Workstation and a PC to create my music. My style is mostly experimental; I don't confine myself to any one specific sub-genre. I've released two albums to date: "Virtual Cinema" (August 2005) and "A Dark Blue Place" (January 2007).

"Almost anything can inspire me to create music. My latest piece, titled "Decade Raider" was entirely inspired by the Tomb Raider video games, which I am a huge fan of. "Decade Raider" is an upbeat dance/trance-like track that celebrates the upcoming release of Tomb Raider: Anniversary.

"The song starts with a grand choir voicing a very familiar tune from the original Tomb Raider soundtrack (Where the Depths Unfold). A trance-like state is then established, based around those chords and notes, while integrating patterns from the TR2 'Skidoo' theme.

"An explosion of dance drum beats and string ensembles follows… finishing with a subtle integration the TR 2 'level complete' theme… which leads into an interpretation the TR 2 'Vertigo' theme… then building into the big finish: A dramatic trance interpretation of "Time to Run" (From the TR1 soundtrack).

"Decade Raider" in not my first Tomb Raider inspired song. On my debut album "Virtual Cinema", I have a piece titled "Legend"; a completely original song which was inspired by and created before the release of the game "Tomb Raider: Legend".

"On my latest album "A Dark Blue Place" I have two original tracks that were largely inspired by videogames… "Bloodrage", a fast and furious guitar & synth driven piece; was conceptualized after playing the game "BloodRayne 2". Furthermore, a lot of inspiration for "Silent Assassin" came from playing the game "Hitman: Blood Money""

"All of my music can be heard and demonstrated at my website. Both of my albums are available for purchase, on CDs or mp3 downloads from retailers such as Apple iTunes.

"Music is my true passion in life. I continue to compose and record new original music, and plan on releasing another album within a year or so. In addition to releasing new albums, my ultimate goal is to compose music for videogames, TV and movies."

The Music Of Michael Plichta

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