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[ April 3rd 2007 ]

Tomb Raider Anniversary will come action-packed with not only a commemorative adventure starring Lara Croft to mark ten years of Tomb Raider, but a fair few extras thrown in for good measure including new outfits, a special commentary and a library of pictures.

Special features include: Origins Of Lara Croft Gallery, Box Artwork Gallery, Natla Gallery, Atlantean Creatures Gallery, Artifacts Gallery, Location Gallery, Promotional Gallery, Comparison Gallery and Super Action Deaths Video.

One of the confirmed Easter Eggs to feature as an unlockable includes a full-length documentary with original Lara Croft architect Toby Gard, who will amalgamate past with present as he commentates on the comparative areas of game design and storyline.

Tomb Raider Anniversary is being developed by U.S. studio Crystal Dynamics and will be released in May 2007 on Sony Playstation 2, Sony PSP and Windows PC. See our Tomb Raider Anniversary microsite for news and media.

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