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[ April 2nd 2007 ]

YuMe Networks, the first dedicated advertising network created and optimized for broadband video, today announced it will launch the first ad campaign ever that allows a marketer to insert dynamically served video advertising within downloadable content.

YuMe's groundbreaking technology actually measures "view-throughs" rather than "click-throughs" to report back exactly how many people viewed and the number of times they viewed, in addition to whether they clicked. Because this new "view-through" metric directly measures and reports the viewer's behavior, it is likely to become the new performance metric used to determine how an advertiser pays a publisher for online video advertising.

Eidos Interactive in North America, one of the world's leading publishers and developers of entertainment software, is the first advertiser to launch a download campaign with YuMe. The Eidos campaign will promote the upcoming video and PC game "Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Anniversary." With YuMe's technology, Eidos can geographically target its ads, customize ads in real time and update creative messaging in content that has already been downloaded.

The campaign will be featured on select video files from G4 and distributed on the BitTorrent Entertainment Network. YuMe's ability to insert advertising within downloaded content and track the reach and frequency of a campaign across any device is a groundbreaking development in online advertising. It adds another monetization avenue for peer-to-peer sites, opens up new advertising opportunities for marketers, and could bring to consumers content that previously hasn't been distributed on the Web because it was difficult to monetize.

YuMe also provides Eidos and G4 with instant measurement capabilities to learn when and where the spot is viewed. These metrics can be used by Eidos to change creative on the fly in order to optimize the campaign.

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