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[ March 30th 2007 ]

GameSpot has mobilised a pretty awesome preview of Tomb Raider Anniversary, a special celebratory video-game marking ten years of Lara Croft. Included in the blast are two new game-play movies and three cut scenes. Follow the fetching orange hyperlink to collect the media from GameSpot or download from our server below.

Tomb Raider Anniversary is being developed by U.S. studio Crystal Dynamics and will be available in May 2007 for Sony Playstation 2, Sony PSP and Windows PC. No plans have been announced to cater for Xbox or Xbox 360, although the studio has not ruled out catering for these consoles.

Additionally, during an interview with GameSpot published this week, Crystal Dynamics have also revealed that a special directors commentary featuring Toby Gard will be present in Tomb Raider Anniversary as one of many bonus features along with new outfits and other goodness.

Tomb Raider Anniversary Cut Scene Movies

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