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[ April 2nd 2001 ]

Amid a whirlwind of speculation about whether or not Paramount Pictures will release it's full length Tomb Raider trailer this coming Friday, word from Dark Horizons confirms that Along Came A Spider could be delivering the movie trailer ahead of it's own feature.

Got to see a sneak peek at the new full-length "Tomb Raider" trailer for myself last week, it'll be making its debut online on Wednesday and most likely in front of "Along Came a Spider" on Friday. The preview kicks off with a panel of old men addressing the villain and telling him this is the one chance they have in 5000 years to obtain what they want.

A little bit more about 'The Clock of Ages' is revealed - that it can in fact transport people in time and there seems to be a scene where Lara magically appears out of nowhere in the middle of a rainforest. Some scenes that appeared in the Superbowl commercials were there, an extended version of the robot attack scenes, and the money shot? A few scenes where Lara battles stone monkeys and a great bit where one looks like it growls at her, she smirks and blasts it away with her gun.

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