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[ March 30th 2001 ]

Following a earlier article for by a U.S. projectionist naming an April 6th date for Paramount Pictures full length movie trailer, movie rumour mill Coming Soon has this article in today's issue:

Today at work, we got our papers about our shipment next week of trailers & posters and stuff. I checked to see if the Tomb Raider movie trailer was still on the list, and it wasn't. It seems that Paramount is re-editing or re-thinking even putting it out. It was most likely that they were going to put it out on April 6th w/ Along Came A Spider as I mentioned prior to information from them. I think, either they are trying to keep it a surprise because some info has leaked about it coming out. Or they will wait untill Croc. Dundee In LA. Or even worse, not at all... because they want to keep as much info as possible staying under wraps, until it comes out.

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