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[ January 19th 2007 ]

The spiciest handheld action game of all time will now officially be burning up store shelves throughout North America this Spring! Chili Con Carnage is an overdose of action packed into a portable punch featuring crazy gravity-defying loco moves, non-stop explosions and zany larger-than-life enemies.

Featuring super spicy action, over-the-top, gravity-defying special moves, weapons galore and some of the most colourful characters to grace the stage of the PSP - from moustachioed mercenaries, megalomaniacal crime-lords and chemically mutated super-Mama's.

With 19 missions across 7 exotic locations spanning sprawling cities to dense jungle, plus four game modes from challenging single player modes to fun multiplayer modes.

To kick things off, Eidos is releasing the first official trailer which will be sure to get your heart rate pumping and the brand new pack shot for the Sony PSP version of the game. Follow the below hyperlink to collect the spoils.

Chili Con Carnage

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