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[ March 28th 2001 ]

Core Design's ongoing battle against the character defacement of Lara Croft has finally resulted in success following the imminent closure of a number of web sites propagating 3D nude rendering software which enables players to engage a disrobed aristocratic Lara Croft through her various adventures. Jeremy Heathsmith, who masterminded the campaign to cease and desist web sites displaying nude images of it's Tomb Raider character Lara Croft, said the company would continue to monitor the trend and take immediate action where appropriate. "If we come across particularly disturbing renderings of our character we will act on it."

Meanwhile, Playstation console manufacturer Sony Corp said it would consider legal action against the makers of Bleem, a PC based Playstation emulator which has spawned across the internet at an alarming rate. David Herpolsheimer, one of three Californian partners who developed the Playstation emulator said he was convinced that Bleem was safe from legal action because the application did not contain any Sony code.

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