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[ March 27th 2001 ]

Maximum Edge reports today of Angelina Jolie's delight at the prospect of a Tomb Raider sequel, dispeling earlier fears that she would decline any further involvement in Simon West's Tomb Raider saga because she missed husband Billy Bob Thornton while filming at London's Pinewood Studios.

Angelina Jolie is delighted by plans for a sequel to the TOMB RAIDER movie - because she misses her computer heroine alter-ego LARA CROFT. The GIRL INTERRUPTED beauty made the as yet unreleased film in Britain and pines for both the character and country now she's back on American shores. She explains, "There's lots I got used to. The people, and I got used to being Lara Croft so it's very hard to be regular person again.

"I'm going back soon though as I love England and I will also always be happy to visit that character. I don't feel like I've left the character because I'll be going back and hopefully even for the sequel if it does well." But Jolie admits her husband BILLY BOB THORNTON has a hard time believing she's capable of Lara Croft's fighting ability. She says, "Billy Bob thinks it's funny because he knows me as some funny little girl who sits up in bed in the middle of the night eating food and feeding my rat and being silly. But he thinks it's great and he probably has more faith in me than anybody and he's given me the courage to do it.

Paramount Pictures Tomb Raider movie, based on cyber-babe Lara Croft, will premier across the U.S. June 15th, coming to European shores early July. A second, full length movie trailer will head "Along Came A Spider" on April 6th across American cinemas.

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