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[ December 22nd 2006 ]

As a special festive surprise to herald the official Tomb Raider Anniversary game-play trailer debut, Eidos has released the opening theme scored by BAFTA award winning magi Troels Folmann. With a run time of 3 minutes, Crystal Dynamics have once again stayed true to the original soundtrack and littered the composition with intrigue, adventure and joviality.

Experience the game that started it all in a brand new way - the classic memories and experiences of the original are brought back to life, now with vastly improved graphics and game-play mechanics. Tomb Raider Anniversary will stay faithful to the game which captured the hearts of gamers.

Tombs now have multi-path exploration; the animals are more vicious and utilize advanced artificial intelligence. Become immersed once again in the world that so many players fell in love with, and the game that was first to put the spotlight on the video game icon, Lara Croft.

Eidos has also ushered in the holiday season with an exclusive makeover of the official Tomb Raider web site, featuring PSP screenshots and game information and offering fans a chance to register for updates and news.

Follow the fetching orange hyperlink to check out the official web site, and direct your mouse to the below link to savour the brand new Tomb Raider Anniversary theme.

Tomb Raider Anniversary Soundtrack

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