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[ December 16th 2006 ]

Tomb Raider - produced in 1996 by Derbyshire-based developers Core design - gave birth to a legacy that has transcended the realms of cyberspace and become a globally recognised brand. Lara Croft - anointed by The Face in 1997 - will soon return for her eighth adventure in Tomb Raider Anniversary, just over ten years after making her debut.

To celebrate the original video-game and to conclude our special anniversary tribute to a decade of all that is Lara Croft, we've completely rewritten our Tomb Raider Walkthrough and Game Guide, packing in screenshots a plenty, bug alerts, and for the first time providing exclusive video-help detailing the trickier manoeuvres.

Each of our Tomb Raider microsites have been updated with special Anniversary media, presenting previously unpublished assets which are now exclusively available on our web site. While we look forward to showcasing Lara Croft for another decade, we hereby invite our readers to stop the clock and delve into what made Lara the phenomenal character she is today.

Our newly revised Tomb Raider Walkthrough and Game Guide can be collected from the above referenced hyperlink, and our exclusive Tomb Raider tribute media can be accessed under Tomb Raider Series.

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