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[ March 23rd 2001 ]

Westlake Interactive, the company behind the porting to Mac of Eidos Interactives Tomb Raider Chronicles, confirm they will support custom designed levels with their latest Tomb Raider title.

"Tomb Raider Chronicles is now in beta test, and is looking like the best Tomb Raider ever! We've spruced up the graphics with some new options including mip mapping (long absent from the TR series), multiple monitor support, and some nice optimizations. We're also very pleased to announce that we have received the code for the TR Level Editor, and are examining it to see how difficult it will be to port.

"All signs so far are positive, and we think we'll be able to bring this piece of TRC to the Mac! We've already finished up porting the special version of Tomb Raider 4 that lets you play levels created with the editor, including those you download off the net. The Tomb4 Level Player will definitely make it into the final verison of TRC, even if we hit some snags with the editor."

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