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[ December 1st 2006 ]

Friday Goodness has become somewhat of a tradition for members of Tomb Raider Forums, so we've compensated for the lack of Tomb Raider Anniversary media with this stunning The Last Revelation EP featuring all 41 beautifully scored compositions from Lara Croft's forth and favoured outing.

Developed by Core Design in 2000, The Last Revelation revolves around ancient mythology and the alignment of the stars at the millennium. Finding herself in a serious predicament, Lara Croft must escape a terrifying destiny and rectify a situation that threatens to destroy humanity.

This EP joins soundtracks from the entire Tomb Raider series, all of which are now available on Lara Croft TV, a brand new channel - independent of our flagship magazine - dedicated to plotting the meteoric rise to fame of Lara Croft through the use of polygon-rich media.

The Last Revelation EP

The Last Revelation EP

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