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[ November 29th 2006 ]

Lara Croft TV has mobilised an exclusive Lara Croft Pictography showcasing polygon-rich imagery from the entire Tomb Raider legacy series. Our collection was a gift from original Tomb Raider creator Core Design back in 2000 and is now available - online and untouched - in its entirety for the first time.

Additional features on Lara Croft TV include an image of the week (IOTW), an official Lara Croft biography which includes extensive information on Lara's ancestors and roots. The new channel dedicated to Lara Croft also features a collection of exclusive show-reels with a special programme schedule soon.

Lara Croft TV has been designed for Broadband users with a minimum connection speed of 512kps. Please ensure your internet connection meets these requirements.

Official Lara Croft Pictography

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