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[ March 23rd 2001 ]

Hot on the heels of the official U.S. Tomb Raider magazine, Titan Comics announce it's new Lara Croft comic offering to the Tomb Raider market.

UK comics are about to get a double tap to the cranium, courtesy of the new Tomb Raider title from Titan Publishing. An ongoing 52 page monthly newsstand comic, Tomb Raider launches on 29 March and will feature the best of tomb-raiding troublemaker Lara Croft’s chaotic US comic strips. Brought to you by the people responsible for Buffy Magazine, Simpsons Comics, Star Trek Monthly and Star Wars Magazine, Tomb Raider aims to deliver a double-barreled dose of mayhem and thrills.

To kick things off, the first four issues will be all-Lara extravaganzas, with the curvaceous Ms Croft doing battle with a gaggle of deadly foes, from dinosaurs to deranged killers. Then, in Issue 5, Lara will be joined by superpowered cyberchick Aphrodite IX in a cool new back-up strip titled… yep, Aphrodite IX! "What we’re going for with Tomb Raider is for the magazine to be the last word in all-out gun-toting action chick entertainment," commented editor Nick Jones.

"To that end, not only have we got Thor and Captain America scribe Dan Jurgens and hot artist Andy Park’s lightning-paced, explosive Tomb Raider strip, but as of Issue 3 we’ll also be featuring the riotous robotic romp, Aphrodite IX. It’s gonna be a full on foxfest." Issue 1 of Tomb Raider will come polybagged with a free A2 Lara Croft poster, while future issues will feature a phantasmagoria of pull-out pin-ups, cool competitions and more killer comic strips than you can shake a grenade launcher at. "It’s been a while since there’s been a decent action comic on UK newsstands - with, of course, the honourable exception of 2000AD," said Jones in closing. "Tomb Raider aims to plug that gap - probably with the bullet-riddled bodies of Lara’s (usually male) opponents."

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