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[ November 24th 2006 ]

Play magazine have been given opportunity to paw over the latest Lara Croft adventure, Tomb Raider Anniversary, courtesy of publisher Eidos plc and an article in this month's issue offers a first taste of what fans can expect from a special game to mark the tenth anniversary of subterranean explorations.

"Tomb Raider Anniversary is inspired by Lara's inaugural adventure, but all new assets have been tapped to create a game that is as new as it is faithful. Some of the larger set pieces that worked like a charm are being embellished for much grander scope and scale.

"New paths are being added to open the world up, providing a denser, more challenging mode of adventure. Puzzles you remember, like the simple cog in the wheel, are being turned into tasks that require more steps and points of logical approach.

Play also comment on the Tomb Raider Legend engine being mobilised for Anniversary. "Thanks to the Tomb Raider Legend engine, this game looks incredible, with the sense of isolation that dominated the original experience being keyed in on."

The full article - along with three brand new screenshots - can be collected in Play (U.S.) magazine, pinned on all good newspaper stands now.

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