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[ March 23rd 2001 ]

Westlake Interactive have hinted that it's Macintosh version of Eidos Interactives Tomb Raider Chronicles will support Creative's EAX four-point, 3D positional surround sound audio environment. Creative have announced that it's industry-leading PCI based Sound Blaster Live audio card is now shipping for the Macintosh platform delivering enhanced audio for many of Westlake upcoming titles, including Lara Croft's Chronicles and Unreal Tournament.

Westlake Interactive president Mark Adams said that Creative and Westlake will also collaborate to create a full OpenAL version of Unreal Tournament, offering the same enhancements to the titles audio environment as OpenGL does to it's visual elements. While Tomb Raider Chronicles for the Macintosh is now at beta stage, no decision has yet been made as to whether Core Designs Tomb Raider Level Editor will be ported to the Mac platform. Initial code has been supplied to Westlake who are now recompiling the application assessing whether or not porting would be viable. Westlake Interactive are expected to release Tomb Raider Chronicles for the MAC later this year.

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