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[ November 15th 2006 ]

Eidos' product acquisition director Ian Livingstone thinks the Tomb Raider series can continue "for many years to come" and comments on the decision to transfer the development of Tomb Raider from Core Design to Crystal Dynamics during an interview with online video-game magazine GameSpot UK.

Commenting on the future of Lara Croft, Ian Livingstone says: "Obviously the brand and franchise will continue. We feel she's good to be adored by the public for many years to come, much like James Bond. James Bond has managed 40 years in cinema, and Lara 10 years in the computer gaming industry, which is amazing."

On the transition from Core Design to Crystal Dynamics, Livingstone comments: "Well, first of all, Crystal Dynamics isn't made up of some Johnny-come-lately - they are a very well-run studio. They had technologies that absolutely suited the game and we employed some very clever people to ensure that [everything] was correct.

"We also bought back Toby Gard [Lara's original creator]. He had previously left the series, because he was a little concerned that Lara had become a little bit too successful, but we managed to convince him that there was nothing wrong with success, and he came back for Legend as the designer."

Ian Livingstone also comments on the future direction of video-games and the influences that next generation consoles will have on a billion-dollar industry. Collect the full interview with Ian Livingstone by following the below hyperlink.

Ian Livingstone on future of Lara Croft

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