Copyright 2001 Thanks Steven Langovski

[ March 21st 2001 ]

Following the recent news of a special report on Paramount Pictures Tomb Raider movie to be broadcast across Australian television, Steven Langovski sends us word from Australia on the events that transpired:

Wednesday night in Australia, a show named Foreign Correspondent aired a special report on the Angkor Wat Temples in Cambodia and also featured a new scene from the Tomb Raider movie. They showed Simon West and the Tomb Raider crew behind cameras waiting to shoot a scene. As Simon yelled "Action!" the camera panned over him revealing Angelina Jolie as Lara Croft in a Kayak, rowing slowly in a small lake surrounded by Cambodians who were fishing and watching her. She looked like she was making her way to the temple which rested at the lakes edge. Simon yelled "Cut!" and Angelina stopped rowing giving a nice smile to the cameras.

They also showed footage of the Tomb Raider press conference in Cambodia which happened a couple of months ago, where Angelina spoke about her role. The show was mainly focussing on the real tomb raiders who destroy the Angkor Temples and how they are under threat from the outside world. There was also some of the sounds from the Tomb Raider Movie playing in the background which sounded great.

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