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[ October 27th 2006 ]

Eidos is pleased to announce some special news directly to the Tomb Raider community. The official name of the next Tomb Raider game is Lara Croft Tomb Raider Anniversary, and the first screenshot is going straight to where it matters most – the people who have supported Lara across the years.

As most of you may already know, Tomb Raider Anniversary has drawn its inspiration from the original adventure that started it all. It is a celebration of Lara Croft and the history of the Tomb Raider franchise.

One would need to be blind to not see the impact that Lara Croft has had, both on gaming in general, as well as pop-culture. She is a character that people connect with, a character that transcends the media in which she was originally presented.

However, Lara’s rise to fame didn’t just magically happen. There has been a very powerful, dedicated fan base that has not only tracked her every move over the last 10 years, but helped transform her from being just a video game character, to an international digital celebrity.

Over the years, the fans of the Tomb Raider franchise have been constantly asking for a new version of the original Tomb Raider. We have answered the call with Tomb Raider Anniversary.

This game is for the fans. It only makes sense that the first information, as well as much more to come, goes directly to the fans. We hope you enjoy the screenshot, and keep your eye out for more information soon.

Tomb Raider Anniversary screenshot

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