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[ October 23rd 2006 ]

Animal Logic is an Australian digital production company at the forefront of the international visual effects industry. Over the past decade it has proven itself across a broad range of visual media including film, television, computer games and internet.

Animal Logic has courted some of video-games' most prolific icons to star in a series of advertising campaigns for an impressive portfolio of clients, and none larger than British archaeologist Lara Croft and UK publisher Eidos.

Using state-of-the-art CGI animation, Animal Logic produced six memorable commercials for corporate clients including GlaxoSmithKline - owners of the Lucozade brand of sports drink - VISA and Eidos, each featuring adventurer Lara Croft, star of Tomb Raider.

Join us as we celebrate Animal Logic's digitisation of Lara Croft, saluting a company that continues to illuminate ideas and inspire images for the ever-changing world of entertainment.

Animal Logic: Digitising Lara Croft

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