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[ October 22nd 2006 ]

British aristocrat Lara Croft will soon be anointed as the indisputable queen of adventure video-gaming with the upcoming announcement of a special Tomb Raider Anniversary adventure to celebrate 10 years in search of long-lost artifacts and hidden mysteries.

We've embarked on our very own nostalgic trip down memory lane by publishing an exclusive new collection of legacy media which documents the finer details of adventures long-ago conquered. The first microsite to sport never-before-seen media is, quite fittingly, Tomb Raider Chronicles - our video-game namesake.

Included in our mini-overhaul is a collection of animation editor and game editor screenshots, a complete pictorial listing of all characters (both friend and foe), a series of FMV screenshots from the PC platform, and our pièce de résistance, an early storyboard of the original game pre-production.

Thrown in for good measure is our newly overhauled Tomb Raider Chronicles Walkthrough and Game Guide, which not only pools over six years of information collected by members of Tomb Raider Forums, but includes a definitive listing of bug encounters and screenshots to aid even the most novice of adventurers.

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