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[ October 12th 2006 ]

A fabulous new Lara Croft render dripping with HQ polygon goodness has been released the herald the upcoming Tomb Raider Action Adventure DVD. Tomb Raider iDVD is a bold new direction for the Lara Croft franchise as our fearless heroine arrives on interactive DVD for the first time.

Tomb Raider iDVD has been designed for an audience who may have never played a video game before, the game offers players an average of an afternoon or evening's game-play from starting to completing the game. The game can be played over and over again achieving better scores and also allows players to divide into teams and challenge one another.

The interactive DVD is also very competitively priced with a RRP of 14.99. Based on Lara's Angel of Darkness adventure, the new release sees Lara framed for a crime she did not commit and players will help her struggle to clear her name and solve an exciting mystery of betrayal and vengeance.

Tomb Raider iDVD Lara Croft renders

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