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[ October 4th 2006 ]

Denki - a Dundee-based digital media company - has been contracted by Waterfront Entertainment to produce an interactive version of Tomb Raider for a number of North American broadcasters, reports Dundee Evening Telegraph.

The presentation could be similar in feel to Sky Gamestar, who launched an interactive Lara Croft game in December 2002. Viewers of Sky access Gamestar by pressing the interactive button on their digital remote control or by pressing the red button while watching one of the Sky channels.

According to figures obtained from Sky Gamestar, Tomb Raider was played around 800,000 times shortly after launch in December 2002, and Sky Gamestar claims they succeeded in delivering the gaming experience to a predominantly female mainstream audience; a demographic notoriously hard to reach for the traditional video games industry.

According to Dundee Evening Telegraph, when Tomb Raider The Reckoning released on Canadian channel Bell ExpressVu, it gave the station the best sales figures it had ever had on a games channel.

"This is a great way for Denki to capitalise on the experience we've built up through our work with Sky and take it into the international market," said company director Mr Anderson. "There are huge opportunities on offer and Denki will be well-placed to take advantage."

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