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[ October 3rd 2006 ]

The mobile platform is continuing to court publishers and content providers who are tapping into a market with an exponential growth rate in order to expand the target audience of their products and services.

Accordingly, Tomb Raider Chronicles has begun operations to convert large portions of content for accessibility on mobile phones and devices. The first order of business will be to present our movies and trailers for mobile broadcast, and Phase One of this process is well underway.

Using the H.263 mobile video codec and the popular MP4 format, coupled with AAC audio codec for superior audio quality, six games trailers - each belonging to early episodes of Tomb Raider - are now ready for your perusal.

Once the movies have been downloaded and unzipped, simply copy to your Smart Phone, or any device with the capability of video-playback, and enjoy a blast from the past. More than 300 movies and trailers will be converted and added to our Mobile Tomb Raider Theatre in due course, so be sure to check back often.

A brand new extension of our web site designed specifically for the mobile platform and featuring our most popular content will launch Q1 2007. This will include a Lite version of vBulletin so fans can continue to interact while on the move. Stay tuned for development updates in the near future.

Mobile Tomb Raider movies and trailers

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