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[ March 16th 2001 ]

Paramount Pictures will today unveil the first full length Tomb Raider movie trailer which sports never before seen footage of Oscar winning actress Angelina Jolie as Eidos Interactives female adventurer Lara Croft, according to the rumour mill which ploughed up a March 16th release date several weeks ago. will release exclusive high resolution stills of the trailer as soon as it's released so check back later today for the latest developments.

18:00 GMT Update. According to several theatre's across the U.S. there will be no official full-length Tomb Raider movie trailer attached to any of this weekend's screened movies. Paramount Pictures have remained coy about a possible new trailer release, so the wait continues...

07:30 GMT Update. After further investigation, a source in the U.S. has revealed to that the Paramount Pictures Tomb Raider full length movie trailer will be screened on April 6th heading "Along Came A Spider"

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