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[ September 13th 2006 ]

Eidos' Ian Livingstone has once again teased fans of Tomb Raider with news of a third Tomb Raider motion picture starring Oscar-winner Angelina Jolie during a recent interview with Gamer.TV

"With Tomb Raider Legend coming out, which has been a spectacular success, all her fans have forgiven her sins, and she's become very popular again. At the moment we're talking to Paramount about the possibility of getting another movie going."

"The last conversation I had with them, we were talking about hiring a very good script writer to get a story down on paper. Angelina Jolie has signed up for a third movie - as in terms that she has an option to do it - and whether she'll do that or not, we'll wait a see."

The previous two movies have grossed more than $450m (262m, E383m) at the box office. SCI Entertainment Group - new owners of Eidos plc - are likely to negotiate a tougher deal for its property under chief executive Jane Cavanagh, who is one of Britain's most successful female executives.

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