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[ March 13th 2001 ]

Accompanying the Paramount Pictures release of Eidos Interactives Tomb Raider movie, Top Cow and Image Comics have announced the release of their second Tomb Raider trade paperback, bringing to date action from two previous Tomb Raider comic episodes.

Tomb Raider Vol. 2 "Mystic Artifacts" will present two of the series' storylines from issues #5-#10, one that catapults Lara through time, and another that pits her against the shadowy Midnight Squires for the fabled Eye of Shaharettin. Issue two of the Tomb Raider magazine will also be made available to coincide with the movie's premier offering production news, oversized versions of the Tomb Raider comics #3 & #4 and a preview of a special Tomb Raider story written and drawn by Tomb Raider artist Adam Hughes.

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