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[ September 7th 2006 ]

Bright Things plc has announced a recent rise in its share price and is pleased to report positive trade interest in demonstration versions of its upcoming DVD game release of Tomb Raider - The Action Adventure, according to AFX.

Eidos has yet to announce a collaboration with Bright Things on an upcoming DVD title based on the Tomb Raider adventure game series, but the company hopes to announce details of a new commercial agreement based on its technical intellectual property shortly.

Acording to Goldhil Entertainment, Lara Croft Tomb Raider - The Action Adventure DVD Game is the new, for everyone interactive DVD game that has all of the fun of the video game, but is affordable and doesn’t require an expensive game system!

Just use your remote control to capture all of the excitement and mystery of the Lara Croft Tomb Raider saga. Manipulate Lara Croft as she creeps through the dark streets of Paris through dim passages and tight corners, scaling buildings and talking to mysterious strangers, all in her quest to find the clues that will solve the mystery of why her associate and dear friend was killed - and who did it.

Brought to you by the studio who created the popular video games, this DVD game plays as well as any video game in the market, with seamless user interface (fast transitions once the next action is decided) and superior 3D animation. Play solo or as a team, this DVD game features over 4 hours of choices to be made and multiple endings.

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