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[ March 11th 2001 ]

Rumour mill "Aint It Cool News" scores an intriging post from a UCLA student who talks to writer Michael Colleary about Simon West's upcoming Tomb Raider movie...

I'm a freshman here at UCLA, and the fine folks of the UCLA Alumni Association were kind enough to present an "Entertainment Night" featuring many guests from every arena of the entertainment field. I had the extreme privilege of having an extended conversation with screenwriter Michael Colleary, co-writer of Face/Off (with his partner Mike Werb) and contributor to the upcoming Tomb Raider film. My first order of business was to find out how to get my screenplay produced (along with the 10,000 other screenwriters there). That being unaccomplished, I tried to find out as much info as I could about Tomb Raider and any other projects he had. Colleary explained to me that his and Werb's draft of the script had been completely revised by director Simon West. He told me how he had recently been sent the shooting script, and how he believes that it is "not even a movie anymore". I got the feeling that Colleary wanted to distance himself from anything concerning Tomb Raider.

Then, I tried desperately to get him to reveal information about his newest project. Though the details I managed to glean are extremely sketchy, he was nice enough to tell me about an original historical epic set in the old west that he and Werb are writing. He recently pitched the idea to John Woo, who has expressed interest in directing it. This is as far as he would go into this story, but if all goes well we should see a John Woo old west epic released in the next few years. This film is hardly set in stone, as Colleary explained to me that it took him and Werb 8 years to finally get Face/Off produced after they completed the script in 1990. So all you Tomb Raider fans out there, sorry if you're disappointed, but hopefully Colleary's opinion about the current script (and Simon West's filmmaking abilities) are wrong. If I can manage to find any more information I'll certainly pass it along. So long for now my little droogies.

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