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[ September 4th 2006 ]

Sony UK's Ray Maguire has used a promotional event in London to argue that superior eye candy made possible by advances in next-gen consoles is no longer a top priority for game developers.

"We are no longer interested in graphics per se, because graphics chips can do that for us, but the central processors of all the new games machines are about making games more compelling by adding in artificial intelligence," he said.

Maguire illustrated his point by comparing video-game heroine Lara Croft to her human motion-picture counterpart, Angelina Jolie, stating the main difference was that Angelina Jolie was capable of emotions and visible thought.

Focusing on AI, developers are able to add more realism to computer generated characters. "The Cell chip is so powerful it can do 256 million calculations per second. That means one thing for us in the videogames industry: artificial intelligence."

Thanks to PS3 Land for the heads up.

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