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[ August 25th 2006 ]

Regular readers may have noticed a marked changed in our format of late, and this has resulted in a larger than normal mailbag with questions about the direction of our project.

Our roots have always been anchored to the Tomb Raider franchise, and our commitment to Lara Croft will remain as dedicated as ever. We will continue to cover all future titles with the same passion, dedication and panache as we've shown during past episodes, with some big surprises coming soon.

Our most radical change in direction so far has been the inclusion of other popular Eidos titles to our showcase repertoire. We have always covered the more popular Eidos games, and now intend to offer unparalleled coverage on all Eidos titles, past, present and future. Here is a summary of our progress.

Reader feedback has always been important to us. Using input from those who spend time perusing our web site - either collecting information on Eidos titles or simply browsing through new media - we can better tailor our project to meet your needs and requirements.

Please take the time to send in ideas, suggestions, commentary or queries using our Contact Page, so we may collectively use your input to continue to provide you with the service you have come to expect from us.

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