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[ March 7th 2001 ]

Custom Level Section has reached it's 250 milestone for user submitted levels using Core Design's new level editor which allows users to create and play their own Tomb Raider adventures from scratch. Using an advanced polling database, can promote your custom-designed levels to 16,000+ users daily in a new dynamic custom level section which automatically promotes your level according to it's popularity. Each level is reviewed and posted with screen shots to our custom level section. Authors are invited to submit their levels zipped, including an installation text file and associated level files within the archive, using our level submission email address.

Level Editor Tutorials

Prima E-Guides and have also joined forces to bring you interactive e-guides for Tomb Raider Chronicles and the Chronicles Level Editor. Featuring step by step, interactive and modular exercises focusing on key elements and objectives, our combined tutorials are designed for beginners to seasoned professionals focusing on all aspects of map designing and level building.

Enter our compiled Custom Level section here.

Enter our Level Editor Tutorial section here.

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