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[ March 4th 2001 ]

Top Cow, the comic book license holder of Eidos Interactives Tomb Raider series, will celebrate it's 500th comic book release this July with a commemorative stamp to be placed on one of four comic books due for publication that month, including Tomb Raider Issue #15.

"We want to celebrate our 500th issue with a special bonus for the fans," says Top Cow President and C.O.O. Matt Hawkins. "The special section in this book will include an original story, new character designs and a first look at Top Cow's future plans for its core universe at no additional charge. We look at it as a special added thanks to the fans for their support over the last nine years."

Founded in 1992, Top Cow publishes comics in 17 languages spanning 55 different countries and sports 17 original franchises including Lara Croft's Tomb Raider series, strengthening it's grasp and challenging Marvel and DC's coverage of the comic book market.

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