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[ July 21st 2006 ]

Rhona Mitra - former Lara Croft model come Hollywood actress - has appeared in a new Jeanstar feature to promote a denim range from Jones Apparel Group. The Brighton girl became the face of Jeanstar in December 2005 buoyed by a 2 million dollar advertising campaign.

During her tenure as Lara, Rhona did several photo shoots, public appearances, interviews, and even cut a pop single entitled Getting Naked. She was also widely considered the obvious choice for the role of Lara Croft in the Tomb Raider movie.

The 12 minute Jeanstar commercial featuring Rhona Mitra is now available to download from our web site. The movie weighs in at 20Mb and can be collected from the below hyperlink.

Rhona Mitra Jeanstar commercial

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