Tomb Raider Reloaded microsite featuring artwork and game logo
[ 23 Nov 2020 ]
Our Tomb Raider Reloaded microsite is now online featuring artwork, game logo and teaser trailer.
Square Enix announces new mobile adventure Tomb Raider Reloaded
[ 23 Nov 2020 ]
Square Enix has announced Tomb Raider Reloaded, a free to play action arcade game.
Tomb Raider surpasses 81M units according to Square Enix
[ 06 Nov 2020 ]
Tomb Raider has now sold 81M units worldwide according to data from Square Enix.

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[ February 27th 2001 ]

Simon West, the British director at the helm of Paramount Pictures 120m block buster Tomb Raider, is being sued by his former personal assistant for an alleged incident involving the movies co-producer Bobby Klein, Popcorn reports today.

"Dana Robinson has filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles claiming she was fired after complaining about unwelcome sexual advances from one of the movie's co-producers, Bobby Klein. Simon West, his company Wychwood Productions and Paramount Pictures are all named along with Angeles Superior Court. Robinson alleges that before she left LA for London to work as West's assistant, producer Bobby Klein asked her if she was the sort of person who would "sleep around on the set". The context for this conversation was allegedly the revelation by Klein that a previous assistant to West had been fired for having sex with an actor on the set."

According to Robinson, Klein continued a verbal assault when she arrived at Pinewood Studios, London which allegedly continued to inappropriate physical contact. There has no been no official word from Paramount concerning the alleged incident.

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