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[ May 19th 2006 ]

SCi Entertainment Group Plc ('SCi'), one of the world's leading publishers of computer and video games, today announces a trading update following the recent release of Tomb Raider Legend.

Tomb Raider Legend was launched on 7 April 2006 in Europe and 11 April 2006 in North America. The product was launched simultaneously on Sony PlayStation 2, PC, Microsoft Xbox and Microsoft Xbox 360. The title reached the number one chart position in all key territories and, five weeks after its first release, is still at the number two position in most territories.

The release of Tomb Raider Legend has been extremely successful. Since its release five weeks ago the Group has sold over 2.6 million units of Tomb Raider Legend on all formats. These first five weeks' sales exceed the internally budgeted number of units for Tomb Raider Legend for the financial year to 30 June 2006 as a whole. We anticipate continued strong sales throughout the year. Tomb Raider Legend will be launched on the Sony PSP in June 2006 and on the Nintendo DS, Gameboy Advance and Gamecube platforms later this year.

In the UK Tomb Raider Legend is the fastest selling computer game of 2006 so far, and the fastest selling Tomb Raider game in the entire Tomb Raider series (this being the seventh game in the series). The product has received very strong reviews, all stressing that Tomb Raider Legend has re-established Tomb Raider as one of the leading franchises in the industry. Total Tomb Raider sales have now exceeded 30 million units.

Over the next few weeks the Group will release Championship Manager 2006/07 on Sony PlayStation 2 and Microsoft Xbox, Urban Chaos on Sony PlayStation 2 and Microsoft Xbox and Hitman Blood Money on Sony PlayStation 2, PC, Microsoft Xbox and Microsoft Xbox 360. Pre-orders for Hitman Blood Money are particularly strong. This combined with good reviews, for example 9 out of 10 in Official Playstation Magazine, indicate that this title has a strong likelihood of success.

With the success of Tomb Raider, plus the planned launches for the remainder of the financial year, the Group remains on track to achieve its target profitability for the year to 30 June 2006.

The Group continues to build its future pipeline of products for the 2007 and 2008 financial years. We currently have nineteen new product launches planned for 2007 compared to nine new releases in 2006. In addition, our revenues will be supported by a number of distribution titles, including our recently announced arrangements with Warner Brothers Interactive to distribute Justice League Heroes, Tom and Jerry and 300 March to Glory.

Our New Media division, which includes mobile and on-line entertainment, is growing very profitably and we anticipate that it will make an increasingly important contribution to the Group's performance.

Commenting on the statement Jane Cavanagh, CEO of SCi Entertainment Group plc, said, 'We are delighted with the success of Tomb Raider Legend and look forward to the imminent release of Hitman: Blood Money. The product portfolio for the 2007 financial year is very strong and provides a base for continued profitable growth.'

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