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[ February 23rd 2001 ]

Angelina Jolie's Land Rover Defender, which joins a Harley/Ducatti carbon highbred as one of Lara Croft's all-terrain vehicles in Paramount Pictures Tomb Raider movie, might be making an early appearance at this years Geneva Motor Show, according to a report by online trade magazine Auto Net.

"Angelina Jolie won't be the only star of the "Tomb Raider" film, as Land Rover has managed to get its Defender to have a starring role in the flick, and the SUV becomes the vehicle of choice for Jolie's character, Lara Croft, throughout the movie. The movie debuts in North America on June 15, but those wanting to get a better peek at the vehicle can see it at the Geneva Motor Show starting Feb. 27, three months before it's silver screen debut transporting Lara Croft to remote and rugged landscapes across the globe in a fearless search for the Eye Of Ages."

Lara Croft's V-8 powered grey Bonatti Land Rover has been modified by designers to cater for maximum exploit, sporting an onboard rocket launcher, satellite navigation, quick release harness system for rapid ejection, intricate exhaust system come breathing apparatus, aluminium tread plates and bumpers and four Safari headlamps fixed to the roof of the cab. And that's just one vehicle.

"The Defender isn't the only Land Rover vehicle in the movie though, as the automaker managed to sneak in some other models including its Range Rover, which is the vehicle of choice for Croft's archenemies in the film, Powell. There are also Discovery SUVs making an appearance in the movie, driven by Powell's henchmen. "The Defender was the perfect choice to star as Lara's vehicle," said film director Simon West. "The entire theme of the film is based on action and adventure, so Lara's vehicle had to be one rugged enough to match up to all the challenging stunts.""

Land Rover, who last year sponsored the first ever live Tomb Raider webcast, touring the Pinewood Studio set with interviews from Angelina Jolie and director Simon West, will unveil two new Defender vehicles to coincide with the release of the movie.

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