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[ April 4th 2006 ]

Karima Adebibe doesn't just know how to handle pistols and don a pair of hot-pants in her role as Lara Croft, she knows how to have fun, a point very evident during our interview with the 20-year-old model from Bethnal Green this afternoon.

Karima is touring London preparing for the April 7 European release of Tomb Raider Legend, the brand new Lara Croft-helmed adventure now under the aegis of Crystal Dynamics, and we caught up with the model and pitted questions collected from fans of www.tombraiderforums.com.

TRC - First of all, congratulations. I had a chance to meet your predecessor in London and she had a right laugh as Lara Croft. I've collected 10 questions from fans of www.tombraiderforums.com so if you're ready, I'll get on with it.

Karima - I know the Tomb Raider Forums. What is your username? No wait, you must be Darth Vader. I browse the forum frequently and I know some of the members. That Undertaker is very cool! [ He'll be pleased to hear that! Ed.]

Twiin - Had you heard of Tomb Raider before you took on the role of Lara Croft. Which games were your favourite?

Karima - I played the first Tomb Raider when I was ten, then moved onto Tomb Raider 2. More recently I've been playing Tomb Raider Legend, which is amazing. The graphics are incredible, amazingly life-like and Lara has a realistic feel to her movement.

Vista Advent - Can you do the back-braking handstand Lara does, and if not, are you working on it?

Karima - I'm absolutely working on it. I want to do everything Lara does, to play the role perfectly. A lot of upper muscle is required and I'm working on it during my free time.

Dezmond - Are you recognized on the street without your outfit on?

Karima - Sometimes people look at me, it's odd. I wonder if I know them, or if they know me. I've been recognised a few times, once at my home station of Bethnal Green, and at the Madrid passport control.

Undertaker - You've obviously done a lot of travelling and met quite a few folk while promoting the game. Any experiences that stand out?

Karima - I know Undertaker. He's cool! The fans have been great. I met one guy in Barcelona, he was a lovely guy, a huge collector, and he's been following my career as Lara Croft as well as the games. I signed all his games for him.

MattTR - What has been your favourite part since all this began?

Karima - I know MattTR too! Meeting the gamers. I am a gamer, and I like meeting the fans who are in touch with the game and have a love for Lara. I love interacting with them. The training has been great too, what with army training, helicopter training and elocution training. I'm also the first Lara Croft model to speak, and I love it. I have an absolute thirst for adventure, so my next holiday will probably be an action adventure. Forget about laying on the beach.

Clara [CA] - What did you have to learn and what was the hardest part to learn ?

Karima - When Eidos first chose me, I wasn't in optimum shape. I worked very hard in personal training to get leaner and stronger and achieve a more aesthetic look. I've just reached that now. At first I had slightly higher shorts, which held me more, but now I'm wearing much lower shorts and I'm more confident. More happy. The outfit is perfect now, and I feel much more confident.

Ben croft - If you were an archaeologist, which location would you want to explore? Any interest in archaeology?

Karima - I've picked up a few archaeology books for general information to do my job better. After all, Lara is an archaeologist. I'd like to explore Japan or some other exotic location.

Mona Sax - What did your physical training look like? How long did it take? Is it still work in progress?

Karima - I did intensive training for three months, December through January and February.

dhama - In the opening sequence of the game, Lara does a swan dive down to the ledge below her. Has Eidos asked you to do anything even remotely dangerous yet as part of your contract?

Karima - I've been shooting real guns, helicopter stunt training and motorbike training. I've also trained with a python!

CatSuit&Ponytail - How do you manage to keep warm in a pair of short and a vest?

Karima - This is Goran's wife? I've met her before. Well, you know, plenty of exercise and the shoots are athletic so I tend to keep warm.

tlr online - Most indecent proposal so far as Lara Croft?

Karima - Nothing so far. I haven't even been asked out on a date! The fans are wonderful, and the guys are so polite and complete gentleman.

Karima Adebibe will spend this week in London on various PR shoots leading up to the release of Tomb Raider Legend on Friday April 7. We'd like to thank Karima for her time, and wish her every success as the new face of cyber-heroine Lara Croft.

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