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[ February 21st 2001 ]

Ericsson, the Stockholm-based mobile phone giant, have announced a partnership with Paramount Pictures Tomb Raider movie for a series of advertising campaigns aimed to attract image-conscious customers in it's bruising battle to capitalise on the growing cellular market and compete against main rivals Nokia.

Today, Ericsson announced that a range of its cutting-edge mobile communication technologies will be featured as Lara Croft's survival tools in the hotly anticipated film 'Tomb Raider', set for release in summer 2001. Paramount Pictures brings award winning Angelina Jolie to the big screen as the stunning cyber heroine. Tomb Raider fans around the world will see a new vision of Lara equipped with the Ericsson Bluetooth Headset which helps her stay in contact with her tech wizard 'Bryce'.

Ericsson's challenge into the movie promotion arena is fuelled by research from analysts who conclude that brand recognition is the key to selling products. Previous successful campaigns by Finish company Nokia saw it's award winning handsets feature in box office hits like "The Matrix" and "Charlie's Angels." Ericsson will release it's new range of mobile handsets this spring, shortly before Paramount Pictures Tomb Raider is premiered on June 15th.

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