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[ March 17th 2006 ]

Tomb Raider Chronicles has released online the First Look Tomb Raider Legend DVD that accompanied Total Overdose. Features include interviews and footage showcasing Lara Croft in her first outing under the aegis of Crystal Dynamics. Some of the in-depth interviewees on the preview DVD include:

Toby Gard, the original creator of Lara Croft, who talks about the allure of Lara, why she does what she does, and what controlling such a powerful character should mean in games. Lead Designer Riley Cooper, who talks about creating an engaging tomb raiding experience, built on a dynamic physics system that has Lara interacting with hugely lush and dynamic worlds.

Eric Lindstrom, Senior Designer, who comments on story elements posed to Lara in this game, and the extent of the globe across she will travel to find the answers (and dangers) she must uncover. Composer Troels Fohlman, who discusses the atmospheric qualities of creating an emotionally compelling Tomb Raider experience with elements of sound and the concept of micro-scoring.

The interviews are cut with exciting game footage that highlights many of the classic Tomb Raider elements returning in this game, as well as exciting new features. Collect the First Look Tomb Raider Legend DVD below.

Download First Look Tomb Raider Legend DVD [ 180Mb ]

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