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[ February 20th 2001 ]

Westlake Interactive, the software company pressing ahead with Eidos Interactives Tomb Raider Chronicles conversion for the Mac platform, have promoted their latest project to "First Playable" status, the company told this morning. While various elements such and sound or music may not be fully functional, the core engine has now been compiled and is playable. Westlake announced they would convert the PC/PS Lara Croft adventure last year, following previous successful Tomb Raider conversions including The Last Revelation and Tomb Raider 3.

Aspyr Media, the publishing arm responsible for marketing Westlake's latest title, have also indicated a possible conversion of Core's Tomb Raider Level Editor to accompany Chronicles following it's phenomenal success on the PC market. Tomb Raider Chronicles for the Mac is expected to make it's commercial debut fourth quarter 2001.

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