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[ March 13th 2006 ]

Eidos has dispatched 6 new game-play videos showcasing Lara Croft in Tomb Raider Legend, each focusing on different aspects of the game. One video demonstrates how Lara Croft truly comes alive in Tomb Raider Legend as her detailed movement system brings a new level of realism to the series.

Having control of performing her brand new acrobatic moves in such fluid motion makes the experience nothing less than graceful. Other featured elements in the videos are some high-speed motorcycle action sequences, the already infamous high dive from the cliff top as well as a few scenes which display Lara Croft's tact for speaking elegantly yet forcefully.

Graphically the game looks spectacular, so to top it all off we are throwing in 10 more screenshots which show how Tomb Raider Legend brings to light the brilliance of next generation graphics on the Xbox360. Collect the spoils below.

Tomb Raider Legend game-play movies

New HQ Tomb Raider Legend game-play movies

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