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[ February 18th 2001 ]

Tomb Raider star Angelina Jolie has told British tabloid News Of The World she may not return to film Simon West's planned Tomb Raider sequels because she missed husband Billy Bob Thornton too much while shooting at Pinewood Studios, London.

"I miss my husband terribly, it got to the point when we just screamed at each other with frustration down the phone, unfortunately he hates flying so he hardly ever comes over and see me"

Following rumours last year about the possibility of pregnancy interrupting filming for Eidos Interactives silver screen adaption of Tomb Raider, Jolie continued to hint at the possibliity of starting a famliy as the primary reason for a future movie absence.

"After this I'm not doing anything away from home, the only thing is I won't be able to get pregnant and then do Lara Croft straight away again. So I have a lot to think about!"

Paramount Pictures Tomb Raider movie premiers across the United States June 15th, coming to Europe towards the end of June. Hollywood has already shuffled it's summer schedule of movies to make way for the Lara Croft action adventure which looks set to succeed where ealier video game come movies failed.

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