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[ February 27th 2006 ]

The Great British Design Quest is a vote to discover the public's favourite British design icon, organised by the Design Museum and The Culture Show. Voting is currently closed, but will reopen on 2 March when you'll be invited to vote on the Top 3 designs.

Loitering in the top ten is Lara Croft, star of Eidos' Tomb Raider adventure series. By combining three popular genres - the suspense of a platform game, the thrill of a shoot-em-up and the challenge of a puzzle game - Tomb Raider became one of the best-selling video games of the 1990s.

Equally important to its success was the skill with which the designers and animators at Core Design depicted its central character, Lara Croft, as a post-feminist heroine.

When voting re-opens, lets put Lara Croft back where she belongs... On top.

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